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This site has been created to support you in dealing with ‘Everything on Death and Dying – Pre Death – Actual Death – After Death. ‘The End of Life Matters’ will make finding connections and links as easy as possible to as many resources, experts, courses, products, creativity, support and people that can help you with everything related to death and dying.

There are many wonderful people doing great work in this field but it can be difficult to know how to gain access to them. ‘The End of Life Matters’ would like to create a simple point of access for you to be able to reach these people and resources as easily as possible.

Some feedback given about ‘The End of Life Matters’ is “This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard of – It’s so meaningful” and “We only get one chance at this so it would be great to be able to make sure we can get what we want”

Before ‘The End of Life Matters’ is finally launched we would like to make sure we’ll cover all you need. Could you help us and tell us please

What would be your #1 challenge when you think about dealing with End of Life Matters?


What would be most helpful to you in dealing with such a challenge?

Trypheyna McShane