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Welcome to ‘The End of Life Matters’

I am really excited at the idea that you may become part of the tribe of people who can offer support in a myriad of different ways for end of life.

Once you have registered an interest, put your details in the box, to be part of this wonderful new community I shall send you a kit explaining exactly what you can do and what we will need to be able to promote your great work.
Blessings Trypheyna

Like a trusted friend who always reassures, The End Of Life Matters helps people come to terms with the fact that dying is a natural part of life. By becoming more comfortable with what lies ahead, and planning for it, we can live our present life with greater passion and commitment.
Our site will be the place to go for ‘Everything on Death and Dying – pre-death, actual death and after death.

Offering a range of products and service such as:
• Educational and emotional support via articles, blogging, e-book, videos, experts and content.
• Online courses and products to purchase. One on one individual support.
• Directory of service providers and products in the bereavement industry and community support via shared experiences.

Below you will find an example of the type of article you could write for The End Of Life Matters website. www.theendoflifematters.com to introduce yourself and your service. You can write your own personal story telling people what it is that you offer in terms of End Of Life Support. You may well have something already written that you can either use as is or add/subtract to.

Please make also sure to put your name, email address, the name of your business, your URL, and what it is you are offering into the box to register your interest and I will be in touch.

I’m very excited by the idea of having you join this great new tribe.

Warm wishes,