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Why Students are Dying to get into Death Classes

By on August 30, 2014
The Wisdom of Death

I find it very interesting that the US appears to be more open and interested in learning about End of Life Matters than we in Australia seem to be at the moment as this article shows.

“At Kean University, students are dying (as it were) to get into Norma Bowe’s class “Death in Perspective,” which has sometimes carried a three-year waiting list.”

I am not aware of classes similar to those mentioned in the article, anywhere in Australia, except for the Psyche to Soul class which is part of the Diploma of Energetic Healing that I teach at Nature Care College. Only my classes don’t involve trips like Norma takes her students on, although that would be a great next step.

Many of my students say at the end of the class, that they hadn’t wanted to do the class in the beginning, and only did so because it was a requirement of their course. But they are so glad they have done so as it has changed their life, and given profound insight into why they must live their life according to their own direction and not others.

“I have found that facing my own death and dying has given me more life. I realized that the things that I held so close to me were just that………things. They were not significant in the big scheme of life, so in breaking down that wall, I have found a new life and one that my family is benefiting from. Funnily enough, acknowledging death has made me happier and more at peace within myself than ever before. Death is not fearsome, it’s just part of life, so now I am experiencing the rest of my life in a different way and the view from this is just magnificent. I would encourage everyone to do this journey; you will be very surprised what you get out of it.” Lisa Paul

“It was very rich and moving & stirred up a lot of deep emotions for us all yet Trypheyna held the space at all times and made it ok for us to express and share our journeys.”

“It went beyond my expectations. She is (Trypheyna) absolutely fantastic.”

“The course was amazing. I learnt a lot!”

“In every way – changed my life.”

“Very creatively presented and freedom to hear others and share in class”

“Well I would not have even thought about it until I was ready to die & now I am considering what I really want when the time is here.”

My experience of teaching this material is so similar to Norma Bowe’s quote from the article.

“the class offered them a rigorous, carefully guided opportunity for the kind of reflection that many people do only in old age or after receiving a terminal diagnosis. “The democracy of death encompasses us all,” … “To deny or ignore it distorts life’s pattern… In gaining an awareness of death, we sharpen and intensify our awareness of life.”

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