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Sometimes a Pep Talk from a Kid is the Best Medicine

By on September 20, 2014
Have Fun with your Life - Enjoy playing in the mud

When things feel hopeless and we can’t seem to see the sunshine sometimes it is great to look to the child inside of us all to help us remember the beauty of who we are, and how we can help shine a light for others. Let this Kid President remind you of your awsomeness.

This young man KID PRESIDENT who has a great You Tube channel called SOUL PANCAKE suffers from a brittle bone disease and has many broken bones but he encourages us all to keep going and love life no matter what we are dealing with. He is such a beautiful inspiration. Cheeky, Fun, and he loves to Dance (running and dancing are the very things he is not supposed to do with his condition)

We can all enjoy imagining dancing, and playing in the mud, even if we can no longer physically do this – It’s great to remember the child inside of us

Kid President's Pep Talk

Kid President’s Pep Talk

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