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Self Care – 10 Simple Exercises

By on September 20, 2014
Self Care - 10 Simple Exercises - Video

I want to share with you the work of a very special woman called Eileen Jeboult.

She is an ‘Expert in her Field’ of body work healing. Eileen practices a healing modality called Ortho-Bionomy

She runs a practise in Brisbane to support you in pain free body work.
I know, I know, how can she help you if she is in Brisbane and you are miles away?

Eileen Jeboult - Healer Extraordinaire

Eileen Jeboult – Healer Extraordinaire

Well I love Eileen’s work so much and personally know the power of her work to help us when we are under a lot of stress, or dealing with painful end of life issues, so I asked her if she would make a video available.

Self Care - 10 Simple Exercises - Video

Self Care – 10 Simple Exercises – Video


So she has done so and now you can have access to this wonderful video made so that people can do her simple, gentle exercises on their own, in their home, even in their bed, if need be, to help relieve pain effortlessly.

If you are either dealing with end of life yourself or are looking after someone who is, this is a special way to support your body in a very gentle loving manner. Eileen say: “The body chooses the most functional way to move because it tends to spontaneously choose the path of least resistance”

Eileen has travelled her own journey of facing death and dying and working with her loved ones to make this the most loving experience possible. She is a wonderful loving healer and you would be doing yourself a favour to go and buy her DVD.

Below is just a fraction of her story:

“Just months after moving onto our idyll, my beloved Phil, a 38 yr old dynamic, brilliant Sydney Morning Herald trained journalist, plunged into the world of disability. He had been very stressed & anxious about his abilities and overworking to compensate. I thought he having a nervous breakdown. I envisioned him sitting on our sundrenched veranda gazing serenely over the lush rolling hills, at peace and recovering under my loving care.

 Instead, he had caught a pernicious brain virus that robbed him of his short term memory. Herpes simplex encephalitis.  A  rising star fell to earth, imploded and was severely brain damaged. One in 200,000 people caught this brain virus at that time. Before the drug acyclavere was available, 50% of those suffering from it died.

I stopped work to take care of him. Convinced he was going to return to normal, I was in denial about the devastating extent of damage to his brain.

I spent the next 4 years lobbying government for funding to have him cared for in his own home. I was like a fierce mother tigress and left no stone unturned in my efforts. A team of extraordinarily dedicated friends, health workers and family helped me. There is no end to my gratitude for these folks who gave so much of themselves.

My son  spent time with Phil during Phil’s early hospitalization. A scene that stands out for me is of my 16 yr old cradling Phil in his arms while reciting Rilke in the early hours of the morning in the neurological ward.

The doctors  snickered and asked me ,  “How’s that going to help a person in a coma!?” These guys were specialists. I was appalled at their insensitivity and ignorance.

 After a year of getting to know Phil in his renewed state, my mother entered her dying process…”

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