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The Right to Death with Dignity – Brittany’s Message

By on November 22, 2014
Brittany Maynard

“I decided to share my story because I felt like this issue of death with dignity was misunderstood by many people in our community and culture,” Brittany said “It’s not a fear-based choice. It’s a logic-based choice.”

On the first of November 2014, terminal cancer patient Brittany Maynard took lethal medication to end her life. She died peacefully at her home in Oregon, with her husband, mother, and a few other loved ones at her side. It would have been Brittany’s 30th birthday in November.

Brittany Maynards journey

To mark the day and to further Brittany’s campaign for universal aid-in-dying rights, the advocacy organization Compassion & Choices has released new footage of the 29-year-old cancer patient speaking out in support of a right she both championed and exercised.


“A topic of keen interest to the middle-aged and elderly suddenly got on the radar of those under 35. If they engage the subject as they did laws banning the use of marijuana and gay marriage, then Brittany may well have the legacy she wanted — greater access for others to the choice she made for herself.”  — Bioethicist Arthur Caplan

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