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NDE – Near Death Experiences – Are They Real?


For me personally this seems like a silly question. Of course near death experiences are real. After all I had one about 36 years ago and it totally changed my life.  But then again how is it possible to understand someone else’s experience if you have never had that experience yourself? And would it not make sense to doubt it’s reality if you had not felt it?



Well that is not how we deal with many other things in life and I believe this is why we have been given an imagination. If someone else was to tell you that if you put your hand onto live electricty it would give you a shock and could possibly kill you, do you think you might need to go and test it out to discover if it was true or not? I think this is how you need to work with the truth of NDE’s. Go on the overwhelming body of evidence there is worldwide.

You can go to these sites to read a whole lot more. Below I have answered some of the basic questions often asked about NDE’s in realtion to my own experience. I do hope it helps you.

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NDERF is the largest NDE website in the world with over 3500 Experiences in over 23 Languages!

Dutch NDE Study Attracts Worldwide Attention

Dr. van Lommel: There has been an incredible amount of reaction from all over the world, especially in newspapers, but also in journals, radio, and TV.  I myself received more than 265 e-mails in just four weeks, including a lot from physicians who wrote to me about their own NDEs!  Most of the reactions were positive, but I assume that people who want to ignore the subject would not e-mail me.  In our 800-bed teaching hospital there has been a lot of positive reaction by colleagues, but of course they already have known for years that I was interested in NDE.


Frequently Asked Questions About Near-Death Experiences

Does a near-death experience really change a person’s life?    – For me I have to say absolutely my NDE changed my life and for the better. I met my husband just 3 days after it happened and we have been together on this journey since then for the last 36 years

Almost every near-death experiencer reports a changed understanding of what life is all about. The changes may be numerous and almost impossible to describe or explain.  I most definately found my understanding of life and what mattered changed very powerfully

Besides losing the fear of death, a person may also lose interest in financial or career success. “Getting ahead” may seem like an odd game that the person chooses not to play any more, even if it means giving up friendships. This can be hard on some families.  I must say that I often feel that I don’t fit in well in a society that is so driven and so consumer orientated. Earning vast amounts of money has not been a motivator in my life since that point. I am far more interested in making the world sustainable and equitable for all.

Becoming more loving is important to most near-death experiencers, though they may have difficulty explaining what they mean by that. They may seem to love everyone indiscriminately, with no personal favorites.   –  Actually LOVE is the most important thing to me. I beleive it is what the Universe is based upon. It is the space between every atom. It is what holds everything together, the glue of life. I find myself in totaly disbelief that it is not everyone’s first port of call. I suppose I have learnt to understand that I am often considered the ‘weird one’ but that won’t stop me loving.

Religious observance may increase or lessen, but a deepened belief in God, or a “Higher Power,” is almost certain. People say, “Before, I believed; now I know.”  – I am not a religious person, but I most definately am spiritual in my ‘knowing’. I have no doubt what so ever that there is a higher power

Some people find they have an increase in intuitive or psychic abilities   – Yes this is definately the case for me. I have highly attuned psychic powers that often present themselves when I least expect them.

AND WHAT ABOUT FEAR OF DEATH? – Well as you can see from the work I have been doing, fear of death is not a part of my life. I am not silly in thinking that there may not be saddnesses at leaving ones loved ones, or at leaving a beautiful life, and that sheer practicalities such as pain management should one be suffering with any kind of pain are not things to be thought about, BUT as far as fear of death that does not play a part in my life, any more. For that I am extremely grateful to have experienced my NDE- Near Death Experience all those years ago.