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Mental Health Week – Creatively Loving Titania

By on October 5, 2014
Titania - Queen of Creative Courage

I want to tell you about Titania

In Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Titania is Queen of the Fairies, wife of Oberon and a force to be reckoned with in the world of magic. The name meaning “Daughter of the Titans” originates from Ancient Greece.

I have become friends with another Titania – Queen of a different world, which is filled with lots of creative magic and a few extra voices that also need some loving.

We have been on a creative 3 month sojourn together to help support Titania to discover that she has much to offer the world just exactly as she is, the beautiful creative that woman she is.

When we met, Titania was not sure that she really wanted to be here anymore. Over the years it has been a tough journey and sometimes she felt like it was all too much. Something that I think many more of us have felt than we perhaps like to talk about.

As we have just started Mental Health Week it seems like a great time to have this conversation.

Thank goodness as fellow artists Titania and I have been able to help each other in finding worth in who we are and what we do, together.

I personally believe that our Creativity is our Soul speaking in the world and that can be a very tentative and delicate thing for us to share. When we feel our Soul is not understood that can be very painful for us, and make us want to retreat, or perhaps not even be here anymore. This is exactly why we need to be loving and supportive of each other on this most important journey.

I would like to share with you, with Titania’s permission, some of her beautiful creative work. She is an artist, a poet, a writer and a sculptor.

I particularly like her interest and take on end of life. She determined quite a while ago that as she was afraid of dying that instead of letting these fears rule her life she was going to move towards them and learn to understand death and dying. With this in mind over the last 17 years, she has learned much about how different cultures, ancient and modern see Death.

“I feel very grateful for Trypheyna’s friendship, wisdom and assistance. She has been like a rock for me in a time of my life where I was fed up with the world, feeling unwanted, unloved and unappreciated and exhausted. Trypheyna suggest that I do the ‘Morning Pages” from Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and I chose to do the entire 12 week program which has been phenomenal in my recovery. My artist is freeing herself and I am going well on my books.” Titania

With Titania’s strong call to leave life it is courageous that she is dealing with her pain so creatively, and offering the wisdom of her journey to others.

I would like to share with you some of her poems about end of life, as well as a photo of her lovely sculpture ‘Keys to the Kingdom’. In many ways I see a connection between facing and becoming friends with death, and being given the Keys to the Kingdom.

I would love you to please give some positive comments on Titania’s work as I feel sure you will also see the beauty of her work, and it would be wonderful for her to hear what you have to say.

By the way she has just completed her revised 10th Anniversary Edition version of her inspirational poetry book Expressions of the Soul, and is in the process of completing her book of her life story – Coloured Rocks in the Desert.

Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom





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Keys to the Kingdom

I first got the idea for this piece after I made a “mouse city” for art in year 5 when I was 11. I wanted to make a city out of keys with a temple in the middle with 2 sentry temples.   Well it remained a pipe dream for many years, something I wanted to do, was going to do and going to do one of these days. I wondered where I’d get the keys from, locksmiths, perhaps.

Fast forward to 2008 at age 36, I decided that key city isn’t going to make itself! And I decided to make it finally and put it in the Easter Show model display. I decided to commit to creating the temple as that was the part that was dearest to me and getting the things to make it.   It proved to be more difficult than I at first thought, stringing the keys together with wire. My mother suggested sticking them onto bottles which I thought was a good idea and so off to the car boot sale markets we went. We also bought a great deal of araldite.

I also decided that I didn’t want to make the sentry temples triangular as I didn’t want my temple to look religious or like pyramids, so I happened upon two rectangular bottles and I thought perfect! They were just what I was looking for as I wanted to make the sentry temples in honour of the Trade Towers. The middle temple I warted round and for the life of me could not find a round base with something sticking up to be the temple, until I happened upon a floating candle stand. A woman went for it at the same time as me. Turns out she needed the base as hers got wrecked and I needed the glass part, so it worked out well. I found a stout champagne bottle to glue in the middle of it. The plan was to fill the floating candle glass with plaster to I could stick the keys on. I protected the floating candle glass like crazy on the way home terrified it would break.   I began on my task, filling it with plaster. The floating candle glass did actually break as the plaster heated up, but fortunately the plaster was hard enough and had taken shape already. I recycled the glass. It would also be easier to stick keys onto the plaster rather than smooth glass.

The keys, I mostly obtained from lock smiths, some of the brass ones I had to pay for, but that was okay as I wanted my model to be as perfect as I could make it. I wanted one sentry temple to be made from brass keys, the other from silver ones. The central temple was to be a mixture.

I called the model “Keys to the Kingdom” as it was as though I was unlocking parts of me. When I was making the model, my mother bought me Joe Vitale’s book “The Key” and placed the golden book on my keys! It looked so perfect there!   I also got some scrapbooking keys to place on and around my model. Some broke, though I realise that was all part of being alive. Sometimes keys do break or they’re not the right ones to for our internal locks. I put a key from a house I loved onto the model too.

The sentry temples I also added plaster to the tops of them, to make them, solid rectangles. Fortunately the glass bottles were thick and did not break with the heated plaster.

I worked on the model for months, each day, stressing and fussing, but I had laser focus and my motivation was extraordinarily high and I didn’t let up until it was done, drawing on empowering, strength, compelling me to finish. And I realised that I didn’t have to make the whole key city, the temple part was enough. I added some ribbons and rope to make it look lovely and sprayed the bottom of the main temple silver.

Even though “Keys to the Kingdom” didn’t win a prize or a commendation in the Easter Show, I was so proud of my beautiful sculpture and what it took to make and what it meant to me. A childhood dream come true.  – Titania














MENTAL HEALTH WEEK MESSAGE – Please Take note of your own wellbeing




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