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LEGACY – Rare Photos of Untouched Australia

By on October 2, 2014
Richard and Carol's camp site in remote Australia

LEGACY is something everyone of us is leaving whether we realise it or not.

I want to share with you the power of a Stunningly Beautiful Legacy that is leaving the most wonderful gift for all of us Australians, and in fact the world.

This Legacy comes from two people who I am blessed to call my friends – Richard and Carol Green. They are just following their own heart’s calling and in the process are leaving such beauty for all the rest of us. Between them thay are documenting Australia in a way NO-ONE else ever has!! They travel in their own helicopter to bring you images that have never been seen before.

Richard and Carol camp where on-one else has been

Richard and Carol camp where on-one else has been

Richard and Carol living life 'On Purpose'

Richard and Carol living life ‘On Purpose’

Richard & Carol camp out

Richard & Carol camp out

One of my most precious possessions is their book. We have had to learn to shed possessions in a way that has been very hard for us, but not so this exquisite proof of an Australia that is SO TOTALLY UNIQUE. I love this book passionately.

You will never get to see Australia like this, but you can own this beautiful book instead and also gift it to your loved ones for posterity

Remote and Wild - Australia as you will never have seen it!

Remote and Wild – Australia as you will never have seen it!

 You can go and purchase Richard and Carol’s book here


Below are some quotes from a BBC Travel article that has just come out and down thw bottom is a link to travel interview with Richard on You Tube

“The landscape below us was afire with glittering light.

“Pretty, isn’t it?” asked my companion, Richard Green, an eccentric Englishman who has flown all over Australia  using his personal helicopter as most people would a campervan.

Pretty? I’d lived in Australia for 30 years and never been so floored by a scene. Velvet mountains, rolling and fluid as poetry. Valleys and peaks, glinting with jewelled forests. The rhythm of a black, lazy river between them, sluicing back and forth between banks with gentle, metronomic precision. And all of it was just a 20-minute flight from Sydney .

Green tilted the helicopter and a rolling sea of forestry loomed large through the windowpane. “This is called Back Bimlow Walls,” he offered, gesturing at a particularly photogenic outcrop that ended abruptly in a sheer cliff. “Not many people come here.”


Richard's Painted Hills photo

Richard’s Painted Hills photo

“Green, I learned quickly, is a man of understatements. Back Bimlow Walls – part of the world heritage-listed Blue Mountains region – is not just less travelled. It’s strictly off limits to the general public, located in the kind of wild, mercurial terrain that has, in the past, nearly swallowed more than one brave visitor. No roads venture here; no footpaths, either. For decades, it’s remained an untouched sanctuary of ancient indigenous artworks, prolific wildlife and several endangered plant species; accessible only by chartering a helicopter. Or having one at your house.

Over the last 20 years, Green and his wife, Carol, have flown to some of the wildest, most remote reaches of Australia’s last frontiers, stopping wherever they like in their customised chopper – essentially a flying campervan, complete with a tent and a fridge. This particularly unique mode of transport – the pair often “park” atop mountains or inside craters – has resulted both in some remarkable experiences (“once we stopped to have lunch in a valley filled with wildflowers, and it was as though we had entered a far off secret garden,” Green recalled.) and also in an extensive library of photographs, the likes of which includes places that possibly no other human has ever set eyes on.”

Richard Green – Australian Landscape Photographer – Travel OZ interview


Richard photographs Remote and Wild Australia

Richard photographs Remote and Wild Australia

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