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Lawyer Presents Evidence For Afterlife

By on November 3, 2014
A Lawyer presents the Evidence for the Afterlife - book

In their new book, leading international afterlife researchers Victor and Wendy Zammit offer the most profound and compelling evidence for the afterlife. Taken as a whole it constitutes overwhelming proof that life exists after death.

They are so convinced of the existence of the afterlife that for the last 14 years they have offered $1,000,000 to anyone who can  rebut the existing evidence for it.

Victor Zammit

Victor Zammit

Wendy Zammit

Wendy Zammit

A LAWYER PRESENTS THE EVIDENCE FOR THE AFTERLIFE combines 32 chapters on various areas of paranormal research, a 25 page bibliography and an index. It provides an extensive overview of the major phenomena and studies associated with continuous life including:

 Victor and Wendy Zammit became interested in the afterlife in 1990 when Victor began having psychic and mediumistic experiences. Using their combined skills in research, scientific method and Victor’s skills in examining witnesses and evidence, they began an intensive study which took them all over the world

As part of their investigation Victor and Wendy conducted a seven year investigation of a physical medium, David Thompson. They claim to have been present at more than 200 materialisation sessions and witnessed more than 100 reunions between people who had died and their living loved ones. Both Wendy and Victor experienced a reunion with a close relative. 


NDE’s (Near Death Experience)
ADC’s (After Death Communication)
Out-of-Body Experiences
Death Bed Visions
EVP (Electronic Voice Communication)
Psychic Detectives
Quantum Physics
and much more…(see book page for preview)

Co-author Victor Zammit writes:

WHAT if I told you that there is a HUGE amount of suppressed scientific evidence that proves:

  • The existence of the afterlife is a scientific fact
  • Everyone survives death
  • Eternal hell does not exist
  • You will be reunited with your loved ones when you die

How do I know?

Twenty-five years ago I was a skeptic. I had no belief in the afterlife. Then unexpectedly I began having psychic experiences. This set me on a journey of exploration. With my wife Wendy I traveled the world looking for answers and ended up having long face to face conversations with people who had “died”.

Let me lead you on a journey to the greatest discovery that you will make in your lifetime.

Victor James Zammit, B.A (Psych) M.A. (History) LL.B, Ph.D., is a retired attorney of the Supreme Court of the New South Wales and the High Court of Australia. In his work as a lawyer, Victor became a ‘professional skeptic’ since he was never in a position to believe anyone unless there was evidence to support their claims.

Wendy Zammit B.A. (Psych) Syd. Univ., M.A. (UNSW), Dip Ed. (Syd. Univ.) is Victor’s long time partner in afterlife research and in life. Wendy worked for a number of years as a professional psychologist  / counselor before transferring to adult education. She now works full time with Victor promoting the evidence for the afterlife.

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