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The Gift of Preparation

By on October 27, 2014
The Gift of Preparation - Carole Sandberg

The Gift of Preparation

Carole Sandberg has written a very helpful book which allows you to be prepared at end of life so that your loved ones don’t struggle to deal with so many things that they have no idea of how to deal with. It is a simple and valuable resource you will be grateful to have as a gift of preparation.

“We take so much for granted and the bureaucratic red tape you need to handle at the time of a passing can be quite a nightmare if you are not fully informed.” “The Gift Of Preparation” is a “how to” book for creating peace of mind now whilst you can, thus avoiding unnecessary stress down the track.  Filled with practical suggestions and invaluable information this book is for all adults, regardless of age, sex or marital status.  At the end of each chapter there is space to fill in all your information then once completed you simply need to put this book in a safe place for use sometime in the future.”

Carole Sandberg - Author of The Gift of Prparation

Carole Sandberg – Author of The Gift of Prparation

Choose to Face Reality with Courage and Conviction

Carole has also writen an article about real estate considerations at end of life which you can read at the link here:

“Choose to Face Reality with Courage and Conviction,” by Carole Sandberg, author of “The Gift of Preparation.”

Life, as we all know, is so very precious with each moment unique and special.

At some stage, the majority of us will reach the crossroad where some serious thought and decisions need to be made about our life in all its aspects.  Questions to ask yourself could include, “is where I am currently living going to be appropriate for my needs always?”  ” Does my/our home have us/you caught in a financial web with all your cash locked into it?”  “Would something more manageable with less maintenance make life easier?”  ” Do I now or might possibly in the future require different support structures?”  If you answer “perhaps not” to the first question and “perhaps yes” to the others, then it’s in your best interest and important to address this issue, as difficult as it might be, and address it sooner rather than later….

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