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Trypheyna McShane

Trypheyna - International Sculptural Artwork depicting Australasia for Cadbury Schweppes Head Office Singapore

Trypheyna – International Sculptural Artwork depicting Australasia for Cadbury Schweppes Head Office Singapore

  Hi  I AM Trypheyna


with a passion to help people be able to make THE END OF LIFE as LOVING and CREATIVE as possible

 I believe the work you do is absolutely precious, and the talent and inpiration you pass to us its something to treasure for a lifetime” 

Daniela Kurtstudent Death and Dying class


For many many years I have been an artist who is passionate about sharing the beauty of the world that so often is at risk of going missing, or having no voice, in this ‘fast paced’, ‘having wealth makes you valueable’, and ‘I don’t have time for those less able’, world of ours.

Unexpectedly I have become particularly interested in the importance of being able to take gentle loving time for ourselves and with those we love at end of life. To be able to express our creative souls together, and for each other, right up until we take out last breath


Trypheyna's painting from Taronga Zoo interprepation on Big and Small Cats

Trypheyna’s painting from Taronga Zoo interprepation on Big and Small Cats

I AM proud to have been able to share the beauty of endangered spieces from around the world in the hope of educating for change and compassion for these incredible creatures – I worked for 7 years as wildlife artist at Taronga Zoo.


I AM blessed to have been able to share the beauty of those less able – I worked for a few years teaching with Artability – a wonderful program that supported people with a disabilty, of any sort, to be able to exprss themselves creatively.

Venessa's book Duck Down Under

Venessa’s book Duck Down Under



Trypheyna supports Venessa to share her passion for Donald Duck with the world

Trypheyna and Colleen support Venessa to share her passion for Donald Duck with the world

Della Walker and Trypheyna

Della Walker and Trypheyna

I AM privileged to have lived with and shared the magnificent knowledge and history of a number of wonderful Aboriginal communities and individuals. Young boys I taught to value their creativity stayed went on to year 11 at school in a community when that had never happened before.

Della Walker's book Me and You which Trypheyna and Della's son Lewis illustrated

Della Walker’s book Me and You which Trypheyna and Della’s son Lewis illustrated


Dreamtime at the Zoo program Trypheyna designed showing  environmental & animal connections in Aboriginal culture and heritage

Program Trypheyna designed showing environmental knowledge in Aboriginal culture and heritage

I AM grateful to understand that there are as many different ways of bringing positive impact to the world as their are people, so when someone has found their calling, their passion in life, and they find themselves wanting to share their own personal insights on what has helped them on their own path they then become an ‘expert in their field’. It has taken me some time to realise I have become an expert in a number of things that can support others to make their journey or the journey of their loved one that much more loving and creative at end of life. By the very fact of having walked this road ahead of others I understand that there are many short cuts, connections to others experts, and easier ways that people can take.

Hence why I have created THE END OF LIFE MATTERS 

I want you to have what I longed for – One place to find all the information I needed to understand about how to be the most loving and creative in dealing with all aspects of The End Of Life – Pre Death, Actual Death and After Death


 I AM Trypheyna – Right up front I want to admit to something that for a long time I felt ashamed of but have since learned to value as it puts me in the company of some of the most interesting and life changing people on this plant  – DYSLEXIA

So if you see some strangly spelt words, letters in the wrong place, or missing all together, forgive me and pat yourself on the back for understanding exactly what I mean even if the spelling is not naturally what you wuld expect.

 I AM Trypheyna – I love encouraging other people to allow their Creative Soul to speak. You see I have come to understand that one of the most powerful ways that our soul speaks to us, often very quietly, is thorugh our creativity. It is one of the greatest gifts we have been given.

I AM TrypheynaI love being able to talk to people and finding out about their story and what they have to offer the world.

This is a video interview I have done with a couple of wonderful women who want to help you understand the importance of healthy water – Something we will all need right up until our last moments in this life. It is not complicated nor expensive to make sure you treat yourself well with good water.

After oxygen the next most precious thing that every one of us needs is water.

Between 60% to 70% of the human body is water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%. So the water within you needs to be as optimum as possible.

When it is either you at end of life, or you are supporting someone you love at end of life it is very important that you make sure you have the best water source available to you at all times. It is not that difficult to do this. This video I made for my We Wise Women website is really worth watching as you will understand, that water is not just water, that there is so much more to it and knowing what makes healthy life affirming water is valuable beyond words. Hear what these wonderful women have to share with you.