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Nano Daemon- Author


Nano Daemon - Author

Nano Daemon – Author


Nano lives in Australia and writes from personal experience. After running successful businesses in home renovations, the fashion industry, then the manufacture of garden fountains, ornaments and the reproduction of antiques; Nano then turned her attention to personal development and spirituality.

She now focuses entirely on her passion, which is the study of the mind; exploring the nature of reality and the psyche of man; consciousness and altered states of consciousness; astral projection and lucid dreams; as she navigates her way through life and beyond and connects with mystique and the mysterious.



By Nano Daemon

I was born lucky. At a relatively young age, I had achieved all my dreams: an adoring husband who told me he loved me every day without fail; a gorgeous son who never gave me an ounce of trouble growing up; a thriving business in the self-development field; a Porsche, a Mercedes a Jag and all the cars I dreamt of driving; designer clothes; and a most beautiful 6-level architect built home, nestled in the tree tops of the bush, overlooking the most tranquil of water views.

In this heavenly setting, practically overnight and without any preliminaries, my marriage was over and the rest of my world crumbled with it.

My world had turned on its axis to reveal the illusions of my reality. With my belief system shattered and having lost all direction in my life, all I could now wish for was to “Wake up dead”.

Little understanding the meaning of this wish, which was granted to me through a long series of well orchestrated synchronicities, I was led to “wake up” to another reality, and was escorted on a conducted tour of the afterlife – the land of the “dead”.

I was shown that death is not the end of life, but simply a transition from one state of reality to another. I was shown that on the other side, we continue precisely from where we left off on this planet.

Though physical pain stops as we no longer have physical bodies, the image of the body lingers through habits of thought identifying with the it. Unfortunately, the emotional and mental pain continues until we realise these are also constructs of our faulty judgements and that the moment we realise this truth, these also dissolve, so that we are freed to explore the higher dimensions of our being – our divine nature.

Understanding the nature of death has led me to look at my life from a completely different perspective and to live it fully and unconditionally. Frustrations come and go with the flow of life, but do not linger or stick.

Life is a short-term experience which may promote or hinder any progress towards the highest version of who we really are, according to how we have internalised the events of our lives.

If we view our circumstances as wretched, that’s the baggage we carry to the other side and it becomes the state of our being, our dwelling place, a simulation of hell. If, on the other hand, we take in with gratitude all the daily little gems we are normally surrounded with, and which we overlook at our own detriment, we claim ownership of these on the other side and overlay it on our turf of paradise.

The good and the bad are intrinsic to any situation. Within the good lies the fear of its loss, and we need to learn detachment and trust in the true riches of the Universe. Within the bad lie the nuggets of wisdom and the seeds of creativity and entrepreneurship.

The good and the bad constitute the currency of life, the 2 sides of the coin. You can only see one side at a time. Which one are you going to focus on? Your choice will determine the unfoldment of your reality.

Since the discovery of these truths, my life is relatively free of stress and anxiety, as a result I am hardly ever sick. I have learned that toxic thoughts and toxic emotions turn into toxic chemicals that poison the body. That’s why forgiveness is essential to our recovery. We forgive to free others from the burden of guilt, but just as importantly, we forgive to free ourselves from pain and suffering.

Forgiving is not to be confused with condoning the destructive actions of others, it is simply letting go of the pain they cause because of the judgement and labels we attach to them. Therefore it is just as wise to forgive our circumstances and let go of the judgement because, as human beings we are limited to our narrow perspective and unaware of their place in the grand scheme of things.

With my discovery of death and other dimensions of reality, I look forward with excitement to my transition to the other side and the greater discoveries awaiting my curious mind. In the meantime I dedicate my life to transmitting my findings through books and talks.

I wrote my first book “The Seventh Sense – Your GPS to the cosmos” ten years ago, but only had the nous to publish it last year. It’s about the insights I gained from my journeys to the other side and I don’t figure in the book. After much nudging from my readers, I recently published the personal story behind my discoveries. It’s entitled “Fate or Destiny? Journeys into the SuperNatural and Realities Beyond”.




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