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Eileen Jeboult -Body work

DSCF0224 (Small)My discovery of working effortlessly with Ortho-Bionomy body work

The unabridged version can be found on my website

“A person in their dying process can expect much relief from the pain & anxiety of facing the most powerful transformation of their lives. We work even more gently & slowly. By coming into balance the dying person can experience deep relief & such peace that letting go can be an ecstatic experience for them & their loved ones. Families & friends supporting their dying loved one are able to let them go more easily.”

I had worn myself out as a deep tissue body worker with 6 years in private practise . I was in excruciating pain. Going from deep tissue to Ortho-Bionomy was like carrying rocks up a mountain compared to just letting them roll down, allowing gravity to do the work.

Because Ortho is natural it follows the natural laws of life.

There is a spontaneous reflexive ability that every organism has to self regulate. Our bodies are intelligent vessels and can be trained to remember what it has forgotten. The body forgets when it compensates.

I have always had an interest in wholistic ways of working with people as well as in gardens. Steiner’s Bio Dynamic system is extraordinarily effective & applies the same principles as Ortho-Bionomy .

A major principle is homeopathic . Doing a little so the person can do more for themselves. The body potentizes the stimulus offered.

I began co-ordinating classes and in so doing received regular work myself. I was under enormous stress at this time from losing my beloved to a permanent disability. I was lobbying government for funding to support him in his home which would then enable me to employ support workers for him . Until then I was supporting him alone. There was no income . We had a mortage. Looking back I realize that regular sessions had kept me from nervous breakdown.

I had no trouble switching systems.   People who were ready came in swathes, others dropped away. However, many Practitioners align their old skills with Ortho. It’s a wonderful adjunct. Ortho works so well, brings such quick relief that after awhile this becomes their main modality.

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The most dramatic & regular success stories are those that come from the new students.

I offer the foundation class over 3 Sundays so that students can practise through the week. They practise on their rellies if they are not already a Practitioner or on their clients if they are.

I am constantly astounded how during those modules, these new students report back round eyed;

“I cant believe it…I just did a bit on my husband neck…he fell asleep, snored his head off and when he woke up he said the pain had reduced or gone away completely..!” or “my dad’s shoulder which had been troubling him for decades just dissolved!”

Why does this continue to astound me? because folks get it so quickly…they don’t really know what they’re doing but are clearly applying the principles of simplicity & ease and …& results speak for themselves.

From my own practise I have some wonderful stories~!

One client came to me with hemifacial spasm. After 1 session the spasms reduced . When she kept coming back I asked her had the spasms returned?

“No, “she said, “I just paint better after a session!”

Another woman came because her husband made her. She was highly strung and anxious. She came for years . When ever I asked her what had changed she would say ;”not much, nothing really. “No practitioner likes hearing that!

I reminded myself about not having an agenda. When her time with me was over I asked her again. She told me she slept better, ate better and didn’t feel the need to clean so much!! She hadn’t noticed til it was time to leave !

Another with long term depression came on and off for 2 years. She had lost motivation. At the end of this time she took up photography,wrote stories & organized a medley of functions for people at various events.

Another middle aged man who did hard physical work on his property saw me for about 10 -15 sessions over time. He left the area & moved away. When I visited him years later he told me I had saved him from an existence in a wheelchair. I didn’t realize this when he left. It gave me enormous satisfaction to think his body had worked out how to be strong again.

This is the part to remember , we are not “doing” anything . They do it all! We offer them stimulus to which they will either respond or not.

We don’t make the body go where it isnt ready to go.

What we are actually doing is being and noticing We practise staying present. We follow the release track through the body. We learn to offer what we think they may need next.

Intuition developes quickly & effortlessly when we train ourselves to remain present. As we track them they are tracking us. A therapeutic relationship develops and we communicate silently and potently via our body consciousnessness.

If I remain aware I never get bored I am never restless. I am constantly amazed at the ability the body has to come into balance to absorb what we offer via their nervous systems .


2005-01-04 at 01-55-31 (1) (Small)A person in their dying process can expect much relief from the pain & anxiety of facing the most powerful transformation of their lives. We work even more gently & slowly. By coming into balance the dying person can experience deep relief & such peace that letting go can be an ecstatic experience for them & their loved ones. Families & friends supporting their dying loved one are able to let them go more easily.



I recall my fathers’ surrender to his greater spirit . I had a sense that we were making a beautiful offering back into a vast retinue of ancestry & angels awaiting him in the everlasting mysterious realms hidden from our view but vibrantly alive to him.



I was moved to think …well…how does a person link to their intuition?

Nilgun was talking about being able to be more in touch with it in herself, her angels and she also mentioned automatic writing.

From my own experience there is a phenomenon of being in the flow of your life that means you are linked! Or in the process of…

The less we resist what is in front of us the more opportunities will open up. The easier we move through our days. If we are sick choose being sick and get on with getting better.

If our wife/ husband have left us for a younger version choose that and get on with grieving so we can move on. Doesn’t mean we have to like it. Just choose it. It’s what’s happening isn’t it?

I believe the less tension we carry the more spaciousness we experience, the more likely we can hear our own wisdom. I don’t believe it comes from OUT there but from WITHIN. Everything we need is inside. Part of our resistance is believing it could not possibly come from within us!

There is an old Japanese phrase mentioned by Martha Beck (author of “Leaving the Saints”) LEAF IN THE STREAM that describes what I am trying to express.

The STREAM is the ubiquitous power of the all-pervading consciousness that is where we all belong, that is part of who we are that flows through every sentient and non-sentient being.

To become a leaf is to ride the current without struggling to sense the inclination of a benevolent reality and surrender to it moment by moment. The leaf in the stream, the silence, the white light, the all-pervading truth that is beyond logical description. The thing is everyone has at one time or other been touched by this.

Remembering this and then practising regularly paves the way and makes this a useful way of living our life. And like anything practise makes perfect.

Mind training is called for. There are so many excellent ways to train our minds

There is one for each of us. There is no one size fits all but there certainly is a common theme in all the myriad of universal principles that will draw itself to each of us. HERE IS A USEFUL SIMPLE DAILY PRACTISE I’VE FOUND try it & see for yourself….don’t just take my word for it!

You can take 5 or 30 minutes. Totally give yourself to this task

BREATHE in and out. Focus on the out-breath. As we breathe out a bit more our monkey mind nonsense and assorted tensions leaves us. Eventually a peace descends – spaciousness. We also need to eat every day to nurture our body. This practise nurtures our bigger mind.

Don’t try and quell the monkey mind, let it chatter away its nonsense, that’s its job. None of it is true. Don’t believe any of it, pay it no heed. Focus on the peaceful well which resides in every one of us. Fake it til you make it! There is no perfect way of doing it. The fact that you are just taking this time to practise is massively meritorious. It’s a huge step towards where we all want to go and indeed are heading.

Monkey mind is the part of the ego that is not useful. It hampers us. It’s like a paranoid watch-dog. Remember not to resist it, or get annoyed by it, as it comes with our humanity. Do not make yourself wrong about this. It’s normal! What we think about magnifies, so it makes sense to train our mind to be in that benevolent STREAM.

That is not to say the STREAM won’t lead us into battle ever again… it simply means that even in the heat of combat, we won’t drop into that enraged urge to slash and destroy. We might really want to of course, and we could even go there, but very soon we notice what we did was not at all helpful. It’s the noticing and realizing we have choice that turns the lower urges around. Yeha!!

Here is another practise I do is when I am feeling anxious or depressed. I notice it. Then I name it.

“Depression and anxiety are here” I remind myself they are not real. They feel real but they are not. That monkey mind again…! Look it in the eye, it has huge power… then with great presence and a strong motivation say: “I choose Joy & Peace”    or whatever you want to be feeling.

Do this as often as needed. It takes a few Nano seconds. Great practise! Once we get the hang of it, we can then wish everyone happiness and the blessings of good fortune.

Negative feelings have great power because we either deny them, or totally indulge in them, believing them to be who we are. We supress or cover them up with whatever compulsion we happen to be using – alcohol, drugs, sex, retail therapy, food, sugar, hard core ideology or whatever distraction we attach to. There is nothing wrong with any of the above, in and of themselves, only thinking makes it so. Thanks to William Shakespeare for those wise words!

Do not beat yourself up, it is part of the process of becoming.

Another simple solution to our pre-occupations with all that’s “going wrong” is to go and help someone else. Start small – go out of your way to help. It cannot help with the lifting of our own minds if we do this with resentment or a sense of righteousness. Do it graciously

There’s a lot to pay attention to isn’t there? But really it’s very simple. Practise is the key!

Here’s to Joy, Peace and Prosperity for all!