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Amy Porter – Funeral Director

My name is Amy Porter and I’m a funeral director.

Amy Porter

Amy Porter



I started working in the funeral industry when I was 16 after realising that it was my dream to become an embalmer. At my tender age I first starting working in the admin roles and worked my way up within the industry gradually learning all roles. Now with my 6 and a half years of experience I can perform all roles within the funeral home. 

It was when I moved across to Joseph Medcalf Funerals that I was supported in wanting to study to become an embalmer – and in doing so fore filling my teenage dream.

I am now more than half way through the Certificate IV in Embalming and have found myself providing educational sessions within the community on not only embalming but also death, grief and loss.  

I love the work that I do. I find the job very rewarding and it’s such a privilege to be able to help people through such a difficult time. 1604946_10153023508828973_6202775007661752519_n

I count myself very lucky to be working in a company that supports the community and allows me to spread my wings in educating others, something which I am also very passionate about. Further to that, I am supported personally in expanding my own knowledge around death in my attendance of numerous conferences and Continued Professional Development sessions in Embalming, and Death Literacy.

I am always happy to help others and answer the many questions that most people have about death and funerals. 


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Respect for the Dead – Amy Porter

Amy Porter is a bright, blue-eyed and dark-haired young woman who loves camping and leading rover scouts on adventures. Her occupation, however, might surprise you. At 20, she is a Funeral Director at Joseph Medcalf Funeral Services in Redfern Street and has been working in the industry since she was 16….

Her work at the funeral home is very diverse. “I’ll do one month in the mortuary, so I’ll prepare everyone that goes in the mortuary [making the deceased presentable by washing, dressing them, doing their hair and make-up] and then I’ll do one month of coffins, I’ll be the one who puts on all the handles. Then I’ll have one month of just washing cars, and I also do the transfers as well, which is really to go to the home, the nursing home or hospital, wherever the deceased is, and take them into our care, that’s my job as well, we all do everything!”

Amy admits that some cases are harder to deal with emotionally than others. She recalls one cancer patient who came to organise his own funeral [a “pre-paid”]. “It must have been about the third time I’d seen him. I knew he had cancer but I could see his health really deteriorating. That time he could hardly breathe, and he looked me in the eyes and he said, ‘Amy, I don’t think I’m gonna make it through the weekend’. And that was pretty hard, I was probably 18 at the time … that was really sad. You get the other sad ones as well, like children and babies, they’re never really nice to deal with, but that’s probably one of the ones that stand out to me, because, what do you say to someone who thinks they’re gonna die on the weekend? I was gobsmacked. I didn’t know what to say.”