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Dying to be ME – Wisdom from the Other Side

By on October 12, 2014
Anita & Dying to be Me

Anita Moorjani is a fascinating woman with a brilliant story to tell
Through a strange twist of fate, as a result of a woman who has gone on to become a beautiful friend, I was blessed to met Anita right at the very moment she stepped out into the world to share her story.  I have been sharing her story ever since.
She joined Wayne Dyer on stage in Sydney to tell her story as a precurser to the launch her book ‘Dying to be Me’ which Wayne had organised to help  her  get published because he was so touched by her story.

Anita Moorjani & Wayne Dyer with her book Dying to be Me

Anita Moorjani & Wayne Dyer with her book Dying to be Me

As I watched her share her story I found myself going into a very deep meditative state, fully conscious and awake. This happens to me when I know I am in the presence of ‘truth’ as in a very deep spiritaul truth that transends the veil between worlds. She explained about her NDE near death experience and it was in that moment that I realised I would never again hesitate to tell my own NDE story. I was so grateful to her for sharing her journey that I realised then that it was important for all of us who have had this experience to talk about and make it feel safe for others.
Her book ‘Dying to be Me’ is one that you will gain so much wisdom from whether you are at end of life yourself or if you are supporting a loved one at end of life.
Please do yourself a favour and go and get it NOW           
” I chose to come back into physical when I understood that ‘heaven’ is a state not a place” Anita

4 Myths That Keep Us From Living Fully and Fearlessly

By Anita Moorjani via the Huffington Post

Myth #1: It’s selfish to love yourself: To dispel this myth, just look at its opposite: what does it look like if we don’t love or value ourselves? We feel unworthy, undeserving, and unlovable, and the person we become is one who is needy with a void that we believe needs to be filled by others because we believe that it’s selfish to fill it ourselves.

This is the person I used to be. I was needy — and a people pleaser — because I needed the validation of others in order to feel worthy. Now, I’ve noticed that when we love ourselves, we don’t need the approval of others in order to be who we are. Instead, we are able to bring our fully-realized, joyful self out into the world — someone who others want to be around — instead of a self that is needy, with a hole that needs to be filled from the outside.

Myth #2: Loving myself means needing constant self-care, which could make me high maintenance: Many have expressed to me that they believe loving and honoring ourselves simply means making the time in our busy schedules to take care of ourselves — for example, taking the time to meditate, smell the flowers, get a manicure, get our hair done, or get a massage — basically, spend money on ourselves and give ourselves a treat. People tell me “I must already really love myself, because I do that type of stuff for myself all the time. But my life still doesn’t work!”

Although I do think it’s important to take the time to do those things for ourselves if it brings us pleasure, here’s what self-love means to me: It means loving myself even when I fail. Even when I’m feeling down, and feel as though I have nothing left. Even when I feel that everyone on the planet is against me and doesn’t understand me. I need to be able to look myself in the eyes, and say, “No matter what anyone else thinks, I will not let myself down, or forsake myself. I will stay by my own side!”

Myth #3: Loving ourselves means being in denial of our weaknesses Many believe that loving ourselves means being in denial about our seeming failures, and just talking ourselves with affirmations. However, this isn’t the case. It’s not just about constantly praising ourselves, talking ourselves up and telling ourselves how awesome we are. It’s about loving the REAL us! It’s about loving the human “us.” The “us” who has feet of clay, the “us” who comes undone under criticism, the “us” who sometimes fails and disappoints those around us. It’s about making a commitment to ourselves that we will stick by “us,” even if no one else does! That’s what loving ourselves means!

Myth #4: It’s important to always stay positive, regardless of external circumstances: Although it’s not a bad thing to have a positive attitude in life, I have found that as someone who reads books that advocate positive thinking, and how our thoughts create our reality, I started to become fearful of having “negative” thoughts. Whenever I had a fearful or insecure or negative thought, I would deny it, suppress it, and push it away, believing that it would contribute towards manifesting into a negative physical reality. It was only after almost dying of cancer, did I realize that I had been suppressing many of my thoughts and emotions, for fear of being negative, and putting “negative thoughts” out there. And this suppression only contributed to my illness. I then realized that it’s not my thoughts that create my reality; it’s my emotions towards myself. That is, the more I love myself, the better my external world. The more I love and value myself, the more I allow positive things to come into my life. The less I love myself, the less I feel worthy of allowing positive things to come into my life.



Anita Moorjani - All over the World

Anita Moorjani – All over the World

Anita’s story is so important to us all that it has now been published in many different languages and she just tweeted that it is now available in Slovenian!!

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