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How Could A Doctor’s Death From Ebola Possibly Be ‘Good’?

By on September 13, 2014
Funeral Drummers in Ghana

Having lived for 17 years in Ghana, in West Africa where so many countries are struggling with Ebola at the moment I was blessed to meet and know many really good men just like this wonderful doctor – Bless him that is one incredible Legacy he has left –

West Africa's Honourable Ebola Doctor

In Honour of West Africa’s Honourable Ebola Doctor

“Dr. Brisbane was an older gentleman, he had a coffee plantation, he had a wife and children. He didn’t have to treat these patients. He didn’t­­­­ have to be a doctor at that stage of his life. And he kept doing it even though he knew [Ebola] was very contagious and he had a high likelihood of getting it. Dying was a selfless act on his part.”

Funeral Drummers in Ghana

Funeral Drummers in Ghana

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