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The Death of Species Does Not Make Sense

By on September 13, 2014
Asiatic Lion

This breaks my heart – This kind of death breaks my heart, because it is not a death of an individual which is inevitable. This is the death of a species my grandchildren and yours will never know. That is totally tragic.

When I worked at Taronga Zoo as wildlife artist I organised an exhibition of silk painting from Ranthambore in support of these magnificent animals. The villagers had been persuaded by Valmik Thapar, a brilliant man, to start painting the lions rather than kill them and it looked as though this was going to save them. – There are now only 411 left. What hope can they possibly have now?

Asiatic Lion

Asiatic Lion

“Lions in India are dying off at an unusually high rate. The number of Asiatic lions is currently at the low number of 411. In Gir, 256 lions have died just in the past five years. As with many species, human expansion has affected the Asiatic lions’ ability to thrive. The lions have outgrown their sanctuary in Gir and moved beyond its borders, encroaching on human settlements and making new homes around human beings. The spread of the lions has affected their growth. Twenty percent of India’s lions are the victims of deadly accidents. Some have been hit by cars or trains, while other lions fall into the open wells found on farms.”

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