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Breathing Life into Death – Video

By on January 12, 2015
Grandjohn's Coffin

Breathing Life into Death

This video shows different views on death, funerals and burials. Things inevitably must change just as our world is expanding so are the number of deaths and the ways we deal with them.

Eco Friendly Coffin Making

Eco Friendly Coffin Making

Having worked very closely with both Amy and Zenith, in a number of different ways, my take on this story and their different views is that they both have very valid insights into this journey, albeit quite different ways.

I can tell you they both add incredible love into the work they do, which is what you will need to do for yourself when you take this journey. The world is made all the more valuable for our diversity and differences and so it will be at the end of life for both you and those you love.

Never be afraid to ask for what you need. If it has never been done before you may be paving the way for others as well. In the end LOVE is best over-arching intention and ‘Wonders’ can occur when you act from that place.

“They say only two things in life are certain; taxes and death. Both are difficult, expensive and emotionally draining, but what if I told you that – like your taxes – funerals can also be done yourself? There’s a movement sweeping the funeral industry across the country, not only aiming to make them easier on your wallet, but also to make traditional burials better for the environment. Danika Wilkinson meets the people breathing life… into death.

P.S The photograph of the lion on the coffin comes from when we asked the funeral director to have our father’s plain coffin delivered to my brother’s living room, where it sat for 3 days while family and friend’s painted and added to it. It was a truly beautiful way for us all to add our own farewell to a man, very deeply loved, who was affectionately known as ‘GrandJohn’


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